Mission Cyrus selector switches. What’s inside.

The input selector switches on the Mission Cyrus amplifier deteriorate over time like any switch. Unfortunately their unique construction make them difficult to clean and impossible to replace.

Cyrus One selector Switches

I have always shied clear of any attempt to strip the switches down, knowing that I couldn’t source replacements if it all went wrong. However, a recent mains transformer fail put me in a place where I had nothing to lose. So, in I went. This is what I found Continue reading “Mission Cyrus selector switches. What’s inside.”

Denon UD-M30 CD Receiver volume problem fix

The Denon UD M30 is a rightly popular mini system which delivers excellent sound from a unit the size of a shoe box.

Denon UD M30 Receiver

Mine was purchased as a replacement for a very nice Marantz separates system which would not fit in our newly decorated lounge. The bijou Denon gave the Marantz a  run for it’s money, much to my surprise. Unfortunately it recently developed a problem with the volume control. Continue reading “Denon UD-M30 CD Receiver volume problem fix”