There is a great deal of pleasure to be had from setting aside the time to really appreciate your music. The magnificent sound and emotional connection available when when you play great music through decent electronics and a good heavy pair of wooden speakers is a wholly immersive experience.

As well as sounding great, old gear looks cool. It can also, with the right skills, be repaired and often upgraded using simple hand tools. Those skills, and a will to get up early on Sunday morning to hit the boot sales, can earn you some amazing kit for peanuts.

These pages explore my experiences, both good and bad, enjoying and sometimes resuscitating audio technology old and new. So, enjoy the technical insight and sometimes silly stories that follow.



My interest in Audio electronics goes back to when my big brother taught me how to solder while still at junior school. I had built several radio’s, amplifiers and even a digital signalling system for my model railway before I attended Manchester University in the 80’s. Graduating with a 1st in Electronic Engineering I designed electronics professionally for a decade, including digital telephone exchanges, networking products and media servers. I have published research and patents too. It is this training and experience which lets me safely tinker with things and  breathe life into many a car boot find.