Denon UD-M30 CD Receiver volume problem fix

The Denon UD M30 is a rightly popular mini system which delivers excellent sound from a unit the size of a shoe box.

Denon UD M30 Receiver

Mine was purchased as a replacement for a very nice Marantz separates system which would not fit in our newly decorated lounge. The bijou Denon gave the Marantz a  run for it’s money, much to my surprise. Unfortunately it recently developed a problem with the volume control. Continue reading “Denon UD-M30 CD Receiver volume problem fix”

Recording tests with Sony TC 377

Having just bought a Sony TC-377 Reel to Reel recorder I had to try making some recordings and see how it performed before taking it apart for a good service.

5 in synchrotape reel

I had already tried playback with an old mono recording of 1960’s music on a 5 inch Synchrotape tape. I could only hear it on one channel, which was correct for a a recording of this type. Continue reading “Recording tests with Sony TC 377”