Splicing equipment for Reel to Reel tapes

With a requirement to transfer some tape from a 10″ reel to a number of 7″ reels I needed to be able to cut and join tapes.

Tape splicing kit

I got lucky on eBay because the seller of this lot listed it as a “repair kit”. This didn’t come up in searches for splicing, splice etc. A bargain at £24, compared to the £40 achieved by similar listings. So. What have we got? Continue reading “Splicing equipment for Reel to Reel tapes”

Ikea Kallax that’s vinyl storage sorted

I’ve got my records off the floor and out of the various boxes and cases into a proper shelf unit at last.

Ikea kallax

This is the physical size limit of my collection. That doesn’t mean that I’m not still collecting. It does mean that I will be getting rid of some and replacing it with better quality recordings or more interesting stuff. 50 odd albums went to the charity shop last week. I doubt I will miss those Phil Collins, or the Village people for that matter..