Panasonic RQ SX45 portable cassette player belt change


This was another £2 boot sale purchase. The seller told me it was working perfectly. He lied. *

The first problem was the absence of a battery. This takes a rechargeable “bubble gum stick” battery. Fortunately already have a Walkman and a Mini-disc which use these, so one was to hand.

Panasonic RQSX45 inside
Panasonic RQSX45 Inside

As expected, the belts were slack. This takes the thin belts common in high end portable cassette players, two of them. I expected this, so had ordered the replacements in advance. What I didn’t anticipate was the belts being encased behind the circuit board. You can see here where I had to de-solder several components.

First the motor connections.

RQ SX45 solenoid and switch connections

Then the solenoid and cassette detector switches.

Circuit board removed

Removing a few screws releases the board which can be folded back to reveal the belts to replace. I also cleaned up and re greased the accessible parts of the mechanism before carefully re assembling .

Panasonic RQ SX45

While not quite as nice as the high end Sony’s, this is a very capable and great sounding machine. Recommended.

* Avoid being lied to at boot sales by not asking questions.